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If You Want To Abroad, Here’s Why Engineering Degrees

Will  Make More Sense Than Anything Else!

  • Engineers Are On Every Governments Shortage Occupation List means they get priority over other jobs.
  • There is a Global Shortage of Engineers Even in USA, UK, Germany, China, South Africa, 56% of companies said there were more vacancies than applicants.
  • Good Engineers Makes More Jobs In the Economy Means that if you do well, more people will get jobs. You’re an asset to any economy!

So how do I qualify to go abroad?

Take One of Auston’s Internationally Recognized Degrees

#1 Most Affordable Engineering Degree

  • Most Recognized  Private Degree in the Engineering Industry
  • Part-Time Study
  • Flexible Degree Modules
  • Weekend Classes
  • Fast Completion in 12-months with Recognized Pre-qualifications

Titles Available:

B Eng (Hons) Electrical & Electronic Engineering
by De Montfort University, UK

B Eng (Hons) Mechatronics
by De Montfort University, UK

B Sc (Hons) Computer Security
by De Montfort University, UK

B Sc (Hons) Construction Project Management
by University of West England

About Auston Institute

Auston Institute of Management is from Singapore with campuses in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Singapore. With more than 20 years of institutional history and major achievements like receiving the EduTrust 4 years award twice in Singapore and receiving best practice recognition from the Quality Assurance Agency in the UK, there isn’t a more sound choice that choosing to study at Auston Institute.

Auston Institute has further committed itself to become a market leader for engineering and technical education that will survive the fourth industrial revolution. In a world of fast moving automation projects, machine learning and soft skill based industries, people who understand tech deeply and are able to integrate projects across various and varied platforms have
never been in higher demand.

At Auston, we train these experts to be ahead of the curve.

Professional Accreditation

See What Our Successful Graduates Have To Say…

The teaching staff have been very helpful in attending to my needs. I’m extremely happy with the education & service that Auston has offered me.

Chalith Kariyawasam

Semiconductor Engineer, Mega A Semiconductor Co Ltd (Singapore)

I’m Thushanka and I studied with the 2013 batch of Auston. I did my bachelors in electrical n electronics engineering – and now I’m running a startup in melbourne. I would say that was a great decision I made to join Auston after my A Levels.

I recommend that you join Auston and surely you will find great opportunities!


Entrepreneur, Australia

Auston really delivered on its quality lecturing made possible through the help of best lecturers and instructors from leading local universities and exposure to real world skill development.

Vishnu Shagar

DJ, Self Employed

I was able to gain a clear understanding of the fundamentals and practical strategies in computer science and paved a path for me in my career. The clarity was invaluable!

Asherah Navaratne

Engineering Manager

Studying at Auston really trained me well for my masters as well as life. I made some really good friends there. I’ll be finishing my masters soon but I haven’t decided if I will stay in Australia or go back to Sri Lanka yet.


Masters Student, Charles Sturt University, Australia

Thanks to Auston I got this job with MIT. Now I get to represent a leading brand and work with top corporates around the world and Sri Lanka.


Business Development Manager, Millenium IT

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Success Comes To Those Who Work For It.

Secure Your Life Abroad When You Study Engineering at Auston
Am I Eligible?
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