Application Deadline: October 1, 2019

Apply For An Accelerated Higher Diploma In
Infrastructure and Networks

And Qualify For Jobs In Cloud, DevOps, Data Centers And More With The Right Qualifications In Just 12 to 18 Months

Expand Your Knowledge And Skills In Networking, CyberSecurity, And Even Basic Programming

Graduate With Professional Certificates From Mikrotik, VMWare, Microsoft, And The EC-Council

Study Part Time For Only 2 Nights A Week While You Work

This is a popular diploma program and spots are usually taken up quickly.

Why Study Network, Information Systems, and Security?

This Diploma is designed based on Singapore’s latest demands of IT Infrastructure Industry (Networking). Graduates will be provided with the training necessary to be industry ready and additional professional certifications to advance their career as the IT Industry continually grows in first world markets like Singapore.


With a focus on network implementation, optimization, and application, you will learn how to integrate and optimize network systems present in every company while also understanding basic cyber security principles and even programming.

Earning this Diploma opens up your career options — allowing you to secure long-term career growth and security in an IT Infrastructure Industry that could become GLOBAL!

Why We Don't Teach Software Engineering?

Infrastructure is becoming a more resilient career compared to software programming as more companies are looking for these industry-specific skills right now (already 400+ job listings so far). Companies such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Aliyun, etc. are competing for cloud talent on the market. Equipping yourself with the right qualifications will place you on high demand for the best companies around.

Not only that, infrastructure talent can’t be outsourced, unlike software programming, giving you a more stable and long-term job compared to other jobs in the software industry.

Course Outline For The Next Intake

This Programme Is Designed For Working Adults

So You Can Keep Your Day Job And Study on the Weekends (Halfday Saturday and Fullday Sunday)

Enquiries are answered on a first-come, first-served basis.

Take Your Diploma Right In The Heart Of Colombo!

Earn A Diploma Equivalent To The First Year Of University And Internationally Recognized By Our University Partners 

Get Trained To Work In Private Cloud, DevOps, Public Cloud, And Data Centers So You Can Qualify For A Larger Job Scope

If You're Going To Spend Money On A Diploma

You Might As Well Do One That Is Focused On Skills That Are In Demand In The Real-World

It’s free to enquire, with no obligations to enroll.

Here's What Other Students Have To Say

“Auston gives me the opportunity to do both of my studies and work at the same time.”Kaung Paye Sone Win

“The lecturers are very helpful and very approachable, the lessons are easy to follow. I really feel like I’m learning a lot here.” – Naresh Kumar Swamy Arji

“I want to experience something different in life, and Auston has helped me to do it.” – Kevin Boban

“Auston prepared me really well, and I’m glad that this opportunity came my way. And, I got employed here.” – Thakurwani Rajni

Your Dream Career Is Waiting For You After You Get Your Diploma

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It's free to enquire, with no obligations to enroll.