Diploma in Construction Project Management

Students in Diploma in Construction Project Management will be able to comprehend the impact of choice of construction methods and materials on important issues including health and safety; sustainability and the environment.

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  • Learn computer architecture in 2019
  • Understand networking components
  • Get qualified to support current and future system requirements
  • Learn to work with materials
  • Develop critical soft-skills
  • Covers a wide range of emerging topics to support your career

Pathway To A University Degree

This programme is pending articulation.

Once it is formally articulated to a degree-awarding university, it will be recognized as an essential part of the UK University Degree programme and equivalent to the first year of a standard 3 year degree.

Foundation Diploma


Bachelors Degree

Modules In This Course

Construction Technology and Services

Design Project for Construction Managers

Law, Economics and Management

Building Science

Career Opportunities

Supervising workers, subcontractors and work activities.
Preparing and presenting site inductions, safety briefings and toolbox talks.
Assessing and managing safety hazards.
Ensuring appropriate site rules and welfare facilities are in place.
Carrying out regular inspections.
Helping project managers to plan the work programme.

  • Oversee construction projects from beginning to end
    Manage the budget and estimate costs
    Determine the necessary equipment, materials, and manpower needed
    Keep track of inventory, tools and equipment
    Ensure supplies and equipment are ordered and delivered according to schedule
    Prepare reports regarding job status
    Resolve any problems that may arise
    Ensure compliance with safety regulations and building codes
    Evaluate risks

8 months (Full-Time)

Delivery Mode

Weekdays: Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm

Weekends: Saturdays 12 to 5pm and Sundays 9am to 5pm

Mode of Assessment

Written Reports, Presentations, Examinations, Projects, and Interviews

Graduation Requirements

Students must successfully complete all modules unless granted a compensation pass, or module exemptions.

Minimum Age
18 years of age in the year of application

Minimum Academic Qualifications

– Auston Foundation Certificate Programme; or

– GCE ‘A’ Level with 2 passes; or

– A polytechnic of Private College Diploma from non-relevant major; or

– 12 years of formal education (including standardized tests)

Transfer Applicants

Transfers and other equivalent qualification based on Sri Lanka criterion may be given exemptions based on academic qualifications.

Mature Candidates

At least 30 years of age and 8 years of working experience may be admitted on a case by case basis with a minimum of 10 years of formal education and certificates that is deemed equivalent by the Academic Board.

English Proficiency

– C6 or better for O Levels

– IELTS 5.5 or equivalent

– CEFR B2 or higher

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