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Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Construction Project Management


Students in Bachelor of Science (Hons) Construction Project Management will be equipped with a broad range of construction project management skills, who have the technical depth required by the profession and the necessary breadth of knowledge required to see their roles in a wider context and work effectively alongside other built environment professionals. The need to develop collaborative working is particularly relevant to the modern construction industry, which has to meet the challenges of low carbon construction.

Course Outline

Students will undertake 10 modules. Each academic year is divided into three terms commencing February, May and September.
No. Modules Exam Course work Credit
1 Construction Technology and Building Services 50% 50% 30
2 Site Management 0% 100% 15
3 Project Management and Health and Safety Risk Management 0% 100% 30
4 Procurement and Contract Practice 50% 50% 30
5 Professional Practice for Built Environment Professionals 0% 100% 15
6 Commercial Development 50% 50% 30
7 Strategic and Operational Management 50% 50% 30
8 Collaborative Practice 0% 100% 15
9 HR and Financial Management 50% 50% 15
10 Dissertation A 0% 100% 30
Students who meet the requirement may apply for modules exemption subjected to the approval of University of the West of England, Bristol UK.

Course Outcome

Students who successfully complete and pass the modules stipulated in the course structure will be awarded the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Construction Project Management from University of the West of England, Bristol UK.. The award of the degree is guaranteed by the university to be identical to that awarded in the UK, in certificate, transcript, rights and recognition. Completion of the programme can then move on to pursue Master of Science programme awarded by University of the West of England, Bristol UK..


Applicants aged 19 years or older are eligible to enter the Bachelor Degree programme with one of the following qualifications:
  • Auston Diploma in Construction Project Management, or
  • BTEC National Diploma Level 4 (Construction)
  • Other equivalent qualification from recognized institutions
  Applicants whose first language is not English or whose previous qualification was not taught and assessed in English must provide evidence of attainment in English Language by achieving an IELTS 6 or an equivalent qualification. *All applications are subjected to the approval of University of the West of England, Bristol UK.


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