Certificate Foundation For Higher Education
Take this Foundation Course and Go Quickly from O-Levels To University

Course Outline

  • Enable students to develop a range of basic skills which will help them to develop their future careers.
  • Provide students with a range of related skills which they can transfer to other contexts.
  • Equip students with the scholarly skills needed to undertake Higher Diploma study and to progress to undergraduate study on completion of the course.
  • Encourage students to develop confidence and an independent mind which questions and develops a critical awareness.
  • Enhance lifelong learning skills and personal development so that students are able to work with self-direction and originality.
No. Modules Exam Course work Credit
1 Engineering Concepts 50% 50% 20
2 Understanding Business Concepts 0% 100% 20
3 Introduction to Statistics 50% 50% 20
4 English for Academic Purpose 0% 100% 20

Course Outcome

Students who successfully complete and pass the modules stipulated in the course structures will be awarded the Certificate Of Foundation For Higher Education from Auston Institute of Management. Completion of the programme can then move on to pursue Auston Diploma programmes


Applicants aged 16 years or older are eligible to enter the Foundation programme with one of the following qualifications:
  • O Levels (GCE, GCSE, CIE or EDEXCEL); or
  • 10 years of foreign formal education; or
  • Other applicants (mature students aged 30+, or with other working experience or with other qualifications) may be admitted on a case by case basis
Examples of 10 years of formal education include SPM from Malaysia, Matriculation from Myanmar, Year 10 from India, Year 11 from Vietnam, or Senior Middle 2 from China

Applicants whose first language is not English or whose previous qualification was not taught and assessed in English must provide evidence of attainment in English Language by achieving an IELTS 5.0 or an equivalent qualification.


Chalith Kariyawasam The teaching staff have been helpful in attending to my needs too. Therefore I’m extremely happy with the education & service that Auston is offering me.
Asst Maintenance Engineer, A Semiconductor Co.
  • Full-Time / Part-Time
  • Academic Certificate & Transcripts
  • Awarded by Auston Institute of Management
  • Month & Term Installment
  • Financial Assistance & Grant